Our highly dedicated team will manage and coordinate everything to make your experience as pleasant and carefree as possible.

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    International Flight

    ENANDE has a cooperation with Lufthansa Global. Together we can offer the most convenient flights and very comprehensive costs. If you want us to assist you with reservations please contact us via email at


    We provide transportation to and from the airport and your hotel via our personable chauffeurs, for a comfortable transition. Our staff will arrange arrival accommodations for you and your accompanying guests. Once you are admitted to the hospital, your guest will stay at one of our host hotels.



    I had three discs removed, two replaced with ADR (C4/5 and C5/6) and one Scient-X cage fusion at C3/4. Now I am 2 years out and I am doing virtually anything I want to do. I ride my horses, work around my house, weight train, road race, fly, sail, fish, golf… I lead as full a life as any one I know and I am only looking for more! I must stress that I do my exercises religiously and that does make a difference. You will absolutely get out of the experience what you put into the experience. It takes work. There is no question that my decision to go to Germany was the right one. I only wish that I had made the decision earlier.


    My pre-surgical pain was such that I had to at times stay down on the couch for a day or 3 with pain being so intense that when I tried getting off the couch I would collapse. When I was back on the truck I never felt confident that when I would stop for a break that I would be able to get out and walk. My time behind the wheel was always short, 1 or 2 hours at a time. After my surgery I walked down the hall a short distance within 24 hours. It just kept on getting better and soon I was back home and well, within 3 months was pain free...