Symptoms and Diseases

    In the developed countries, diseases of the skeletal system, along with tumors and cardiovascular diseases present an increasing challenge to modern medicine. Many factors lead to a dynamic development of treatment possibilities, which do not always enable the patient to obtain a clear idea on how his individual problem could be solved with the best possible prognosis. Medically, many things are possible, but one has to make sure that the right solution for each patient is found. For people outside the medical profession, it is almost impossible to keep up with progresses in this field – who can actually be of help?

    We provide individual and non-commercial advice and function as an interface between the patient’s best interests and what is medically possible and appropriate. How do we achieve this? Our team consists of former patients, which guarantees that we act in the patients best interests. Furthermore, we have formed a network with outstanding medical specialists whose reputation we have established after years of co-operation. This network enables our team of consulting physicians to supplement their own medical expertise with additional valuable input by discussing each case as a group.
    While we know that we cannot provide everyone with a solution to their problems, we can look back on more than 10 years of experience in this field and have continuously evolved. More than 1000 successful treatments resulting from more than 3000 contacts show us, that we are on the right track.