Dana Gentry

    Case Manager

    Dana has had disc replacement surgery by Dr. Ritter-Lang April 2009 and is dedicated to helping those of you in need. 

    Like many of you, I was first introduced to Dr. Ritter-Lang through the Internet. Reading the information on the website validated my hope that there was an alternative to fusion! There was an opportunity to meet this innovative doctor within two weeks as he was traveling to a conference and planned on stopping in Atlanta, Georgia to meet with prospective patients. I bought a round trip ticket to Atlanta and found myself face to face with the man that would change my life. First, I was struck by the fact that he was only a few years older than me, then I took comfort in his attire: black leather jacket and blue jeans. He had a confident handshake and personable demeanor. I knew almost instantaneously that “that’s my doctor”.  
    I had such an amazing surgical experience, from the moment I woke from surgery I knew I wanted to introduce others to my skilled doctor; I wanted to tell people not to buy into the only option the FDA allows American doctors to perform. I began talking with prospective patients on the patient referral list and then in 2012 I became part of his talented team. Since working for Dr. Ritter-Lang I’ve come to know that he has a deep desire to keep people mobile; he is motivated by the science – he collects information from his patients before surgery, 6 months and 1 year after surgery; and, he shares his expertise with other surgeons from around the world. I applaud everyone that seeks alternatives to fusion and encourage you to share this amazing opportunity with others; it’s an incredible feeling to bring the hope of regaining an active lifestyle to another person.

    Contact Dana at dana@enandeteam.com, call 904-613-0439 or skype at DKCommunicationsLLC.