Daisy Bigda

    2012 - M6 Lumbar Disc Replacement L4-S1 and Anterior Fusion with Cage L3/4

    Having had terrible back problems for over 20 years, my issues became so severe that the only option available to me in the US was to have major spinal fusion using rods and pins, which to quote my spinal surgeon would have left me walking like a robot with limited flexibility. This was not even an option to me and I began researching another way and I found it at Stenum Hospital. Dr. Ritter-Lang preformed two disc replacements and a fusion... 

    Daisy Bigda

    ... the fusion had to be done because my spine was so unstable and would not accommodate a three-level disc replacement. From the beginning of my process up to the time of my first visit to the facility, my experience was exceptional. We were warmly welcomed and the employees were friendly and accommodating in every area of the hospital. I initially thought that the language difference might be a problem but that was not the case, everyone we encountered spoke English. The patient care and accommodations both before, during and after the surgery were exemplary. I have encouraged my local spinal surgeon to recommend this hospital to any of his patients who are out of surgical options in the US and I would, without reservations recommend Dr. Ritter-Lang and Stenum hospital.

    Contact Daisy at d.bigda@stjfd.org.