2009 - M6 Lumbar Disc Replacement L4-S1

    Well I am a completely new person. I was back to work within 6 weeks and would consider myself 95% better...  

    ... I still have some nerve pain but it is maybe once every 3 weeks, and not that bad. I have had one "sore back" day since the surgery, but I really overdid it the day prior, so I am learning that I have some limitations, but not many. I am able to do things like jogging that I couldn’t do before, although mentally it’s hard to remember that I’m able, as my brain still tells me not to. I am off of all pain meds, so I’m also getting used to what I call "normal people pain" like stiff muscles after a long work day. All in all I am VERY happy and have recommended your hospital to many many people.