2011 - M6 Lumbar Disc Replacement L4/5 and L5/S1

    Now sixteen weeks after the April, 2011 disc replacement surgery, I have no physical restrictions, where I have returned to four plus mile mountain hikes, cycling sixty plus miles a week, playing sand-volleyball, playing golf, etc. all pain free. The right foot drop is now almost gone and my friend continues to show-up every morning, “Sweet.” Thank you Dr. Ritter-Lang and Spinal-Kinetics team for your superior disc replacement implant, procedure and quality care, my life is now great.


    I’m a 52 year old physically active (hiking, biking, sand-volleyball, low-weight-lifting, golf, etc.) male, who was diagnosed in 1998 with Disc Degeneration Disease (DDD) in the lumbar region of spine. At first, there was just minor back pain along with numbness in left foot and toes. My doctor warned,” fusion” was to be avoided at all costs as the good discs surrounding the fused area would likely collapse within several years and the symptoms would return. I learned about Karma Spine, and Doctor Ritter-Lang utilizing the Spinal-Kinetics M6-L disc replacement. The M6-L disc replacement construction and Dr. Ritter-Lang’s success rate implanting the next generation M6-L disc replacement appealed to the “engineer” in me, plus an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon near my home, who could only employ FDA approved first generation disc replacement's (the oldest disc replacement technology), recommended Dr. Ritter-Lang! I boarded a plane and went to Germany, where five days later I had the L4-L5 and L5-S1 discs replaced with M6-L disc replacement by Dr. Ritter-Lang. And I’m here to tell you, the very next day after the disc replacement surgery, all the back pain was gone, almost all the leg numbness was gone (the right foot-drop/numbness originating from Microdiscectomy Surgery remained) and a long lost friend had returned, male morning erection, unanticipated Bonus! My only regret, I did not have the disc replacement procedure performed a year earlier when first experiencing the first big back event in 2010, which prompted learning about the  disc replacement treatment as a viable option, for me I lost an active year in my early 50s, it’s irreplaceable.

    Obviously, hope all of you suffering from this or a similar debilitating disease find favorable results and return to a normal quality life and pain-free existence.

    Contact Mike at Michael.Schott@brooks.com.