2005 - Lumbar Disc Replacement L3-S1

    I am doing great since my surgery on Nov.4, 2005. I awake with no pain, and now know to stop whatever it is that I am doing that causes pain. The team is terrific... 

    ... It is just over four weeks since my 2 new Maverick discs were added to my back at L3/4 and L5/S1, (I have a Charite at my L4/5). My first surgery in March of 2005 was so successful that I felt brand new! My reason for a second surgery was, I felt so great after the first disc replacement in March, that I went too fast and pushed my new back to riding three hours a day at six weeks post-op. I indured another substantial injury to my lumbar region very soon after my first surgery, it was my fault because I didn't go slow. So, I had a new MRI taken, showing that my L3/4 and my L5/S1 had DDD and I had lost substantial disc height at both of these levels. I was again undergoing spinal injections of nerve blocks and steroids to no avail. So, I sent my MRI off to Germany again and after the Doctor's conferred, I was again off to Germany. I had these levels replaced with the new Maverick. I am so thrilled with my progress. I want to tell everyone that will listen about the options of ADR that are available to them. I promise to not overdo it again, and take it slow.

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