Fusion surgery

    Fusion surgery in spine centers in Germany - ENANDE

    More than 1570 successful fusion surgeries in the last 15 years.


    From a medical layman’s perspective, the term fusion has negative connotations of resulting immobility and perceived high complication rates. This does not represent reality. Modern fusion techniques, such as isolated anterior fusions (ALIF), anterior-posterior fusions (360° fusion), posterior fusion with or without cages (PLIF, TLIF etc.) as well as the complex corrective fusions, transform a painful disease of the spine into a painless or pain-free situation in which load bearing is possible and quality of life is improved. The development of minimally invasive approach techniques and the development of implants in the last 30 years show an increasing reduction in complication rates with a significant improvement of clinical success.The result is highly dependent on a correct indication and the experience of the surgeon. Studies clearly show that under suitable structure pathologies fusion is clearly superior to conservative pain therapy.

    In the last 15 years, our team has performed more than 4800 spine surgeries, out of which more than 1570 have been successful fusion surgeries. Due to the structure of patients, the complication rate of 4.6% is higher than the rate for surgeries using artificial disc replacement. However, this is also due to the complexity of the patient’s initial situation in the treatment process (age, comorbidities, previous surgery, etc.).