2012 - M6 Lumbar Disc Replacement L4-S1


























    ... I had a very good experience, everyone was knowledgeable, kind and helpful, from the head surgeons to the nurses. After surgery, I no longer have the pain I had before. I am now able to stand up straight and walk normally (two things I could barely do before surgery).

    Update 2011: It has been two years since I had my ADR surgery and I wanted to write an update. I am now completely pain free and have full mobility and range of motion. I have returned to being completely active and now regularly practice yoga and dance. In the past year, I learned to surf and I started doing acrobatic yoga. These are two activities that I never imagined I would be able to try before surgery. Artificial Disc Replacement changed my life. It gave me a life. It was the most difficult decision to decide to have such a major surgery, but I was not able to function as I was and it felt like my life was over. Now, I have moved back to NYC and am back to pursuing a career as an actress and a dancer. Though the surgery and recovery were incredibly intense, it was all worth it and I would absolutely do it again.

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