2011 - M6 Cervical Disc Replacement C3/4 and C6/7

    My trail to Dr. Ritter-Lang began August 1, 1997 after a car accident, which whiplash ruptured C4/5 disc and bulging discs C3/4 and C5/6. Seventeen months later I had a fusion plate (the US Gold Standard) surgery across C4/5/6. In the last 3 years my fingers were tingling, my arms lost strength, and pain was shooting down my arms and legs. In 2009 local surgeons said nothing could be done. In 2011 things were worse, I needed help fast...  

    ... By August 31st I had consulted with two local US surgeons and one exclaimed that C3/4 was over 80% compressing the spinal cord and C6/7 was degenerating with ostyophytes, both needed immediate action - like C3/4 within two weeks. All he could do is remove the existing plate and fuse C3 to C7 - Yikes! We left for a vacation in Germany. Our conversation with on-site staff surgeon Dr. Speller and international coordinator was professional, yet warm and personable - pure organic. They offered the SpinalKinetics M6-C. Read about the M6-C and you will find the center of rotation about the spinal cord is proper and the fabrication of the disc and plates is pretty cool engineering. October 29th at 0900 I began a renewed life without tingling fingers, arm, neck, shoulder and leg pain after Dr. Ritter-Lang and the staff installed the M6-C into C3/4 and C6/7. Before surgery, Dr. Ritter-Lang met with me and agreed not to fuse C6/7 if he could squeeze in an M6-C. He made it happen! The staff are fantastic; massage by Hans, spot-on service-oriented care from the nurses, professionally smart physical therapists, and cheerfully intelligent doctors. The M6-C worked! Although some muscles were uncomfortable at times, by 62 days I was totally pain free from the belly up. I hadn't felt this good since July 1997. A year later in 2012, I am doing so much more than ever expected by the US doctors. I am totally satisfied. Please schedule your consultations through Jim Rider and Sue Hart; they are the go to people for scheduling and coordination.

    Feel free to contact me. I'll respond within 10 days (unless I'm away from internet access).

    Contact Louis at LouisDavidWilson@gmail.com.