Judy Neudorf

    Case Manager

    Judy has had disc replacement surgery by Dr. Ritter-Lang July 2014 and is dedicated to helping those of you in need. 


    Disc Replacement, July 2014, L5-S1  C5-6  C6-7

    My life had become constant pain and painkillers daily. For 12 years I suffered from severe pain in my lower back and sharp shooting pain down my legs, and 18 years of headaches and numbness down my arms. My local doctors could offer no hope, saying I would eventually be in a wheelchair. As a 35 year old wife and mother to our 5 beautiful children, my husband and I started searching elsewhere for help. Thankfully we heard about Dr. Ritter-Lang, who kindly performed a life-changing surgery on me. My life was back! My debilitating pain disappeared. I love to tell my story and help anybody who has suffered from back and neck pain. There is hope! Thankyou Dr. Ritter-Lang and team for giving me a new life without pain. 

    Contact Judy at judy@enandeteam.com or call 780-933-3608 .