Jim Rider - Patient Consultant

    Jim has had disc replacement surgery by Dr. Ritter-Lang in 2003. He has spent 10 years serving patients and is ready to help you. 

    Jim Rider - Patient Consultant

    Jim was the first American to discover Dr. Ritter-Lang and his first Disc Replacement patient from the US.

    Lumbar Disc Replacement Charite Disc L4-5 2003

    Jim returned home to spread the word about the work being done with disc replacement, and now works to assist patients with seeking advice, evaluations, and scheduling.

    Jims Story:

    After years of suffering, I avoided fusion, discovered Artificial Disc Replacement, went to Germany and had a wonderful experience.
    4/5/03 "I awoke in the ICU, their version of a recovery room, soon after surgery and was told all had gone well. There was no back pain to speak of, due to a nice morphine drip, although I had a true sense that my disc pain was gone."
    11/20/03 Over 6 months since my Disc Replacement, all is well, riding my bike, playing soccer, skiing next week! Still don't think heavy lifting is a good idea, although there is no pain to speak of. No meds, not even a Tylenol!
    4/5/04 One year since ADR! Life is good, skiing, bike riding, rode all the rollercoasters an Disney World last week, basketball turns out to be a little painful the next day, I can lift 55lbs (my daughter) now, no problem. Artificial Disc Replacement is the best thing I ever did for myself!
    07/07/13 Over 10 years now, golfing, now limiting lifting to 40lbs to avoid damage to my L3-4.

    Read the full story at www.Better Disc Replacement.com

    Contact Jim at jim@worldspineteam.com or call 541-840-9470 US Pacific Time.