2009 - Lumbar M6 Disc Replacement L3-5

    My pre-surgical pain was such that I had to at times stay down on the couch for a day or 3 with pain being so intense that when I tried getting off the couch I would collapse. When I was back on the truck I never felt confident that when I would stop for a break that I would be able to get out and walk. My time behind the wheel was always short, 1 or 2 hours at a time. After my surgery I walked down the hall a short distance within 24 hours. It just kept on getting better and soon I was back home and well, within 3 months was pain free...  

    ... After 4 months I have been back on the big rig now since the beginning of April full time and still pain free. I am grateful for the new lease on life that I got through the surgery and really want to thank everyone again that was involved in this whole process {Dr Ritter-Lang, Dr. Wallinger, Jim Rider, Sue Hart, as well as all the wonderful staff at the hospital} . I also remember the anesthesiologist doing an exceptional job. THANK YOU to all and blessings to each one for such an amazing job so well done.

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