2010 - M6 Lumbar Disc Replacement L5/S1

    I was involved in a car accident where I was struck in the drivers door. I received injuries to my neck, left arm and lumbar spine. In the days after the accident I started having symptoms of pain and weakness in my neck and arms and later in my legs...

    ... Nine months after the accident with my symptoms getting worse by the day, I went ahead with a fusion at the C5/6 level in the US. The cost for the surgery was $80,000. I came through the fusion surgery still having the same pain I had before and later found out from a new MRI that because of the fusion I had now more damage in my neck. Adjacent segment disease had now made the C6/7 disc begin to rupture when it was perfect when viewed just after the accident. My worst fear of getting a fusion and the condition spreading to other levels had occurred.

    I was still having severe leg pain and mechanical back pain that increased as I walked. It was found that I had a complete collapse of my L5/S1 disc space causing a bone on bone condition that my doctor described as bad as it can get.

    This time I had some money from my lawsuit and I was not going to have a fusion again because I knew first hand what it meant, a lifetime of surgeries again and again. So I again sent my films to Dr. Ritter-Lang this time. Dr. Ritter-Lang suggested I have a disc replacement at L5/S1 and possibly at L4/5. The L4/5 decision was to be made while I was having surgery. It turned out that I only had the L5/S1 disc replaced. Experience in Germany:
    The day of the surgery I was able to get out of bed and walk around my room. The day after I was walking the halls of the hospital. On the third day I was released from the hospital to my hotel. On that third day my Dad and I took the train to Berlin and I walked at least three miles. Every day after that I was able to do sightseeing for the next 10 days until my departure back to the US. My back pain is and has been gone since the surgery. I still have some pain in my legs and of course my neck and shoulders. I have documented chronic nerve damage from waiting four years to have surgery. I am totally happy that I went to Stenum. I feel that my back is fixed and I only wish I could have done it sooner and also have had my neck done there as well.

    More than likely I will be having disc replacement done on my neck by Dr. Ritter-Lang in the future especially if things continue to worsen. No matter what, the only people that will touch me concerning my neck will be Dr. Ritter-Lang. I strongly recommend Dr. Ritter-Lang.

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