Bill Miller

    Case Manager

    Bill's wife, Pauline has had disc replacement surgery by Dr. Ritter-Lang and is dedicated to helping those of you in need. 

    Bill Miller

    I especially take care for the Amish and Menonites as I also belong to this community of faith and so I can look after these people with great devotion.

    My wife, Pauline, had back pain for approximately 2 years before doing ADR/fusion at Stenum hospital. We had tried everything but each treatment giving only temporary relief. Then I went to the internet and found Stenum Hospital. By April of 2008 Pauline had her surgery: artificial disc replacement L4/5 and fusion L1 to L4. We had to accept the fusion because we waited too long and her degenerative disc desease had allowed scoliosis to develop. Her case was very difficult and her recovery rather slow. But the deeper the darkness, the brighter the star. With all the difficulties, Dr. Ritter-Lang and the Stenum team came through and provided a lasting solution and through this hope. We have never worked with a more competent and caring medical team. They and the ENANDE team are concerned about the patient in every aspect.

    Today Pauline is doing her own house work, her own gardening and does office work 4 days per week.

    I really enjoy giving assistance in every aspect of the journey. With my connections to the Plain Communities of America, I am committed to assist  these communities and present what ENANDE and Stenum has to offer. I will assist you with collecting the necessary data and getting answers to your questions all the way through to being your personal guide on the journey to and from Germany. I will meet your needs as they arise. I speak Pennsylvanian Dutch, English and High German.

    Contact me anytime at or call 1-574-536-3773.